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Xander was born in Sunnydale and has lived there all his life. Best friends with Wilwo since they were kids, Xander hates Cordelia. His other best friend Jesse, was killed and turned into a vampire shortly after Buffy arrived in town. This even gave him a deep hatred for vampires.
He is a lovable character who spends most of him cracking jokes and goofing around. Far from being a popular kid at Sunnydale High School, Xander immediately falls for Buffy the first time he sees her. After overhearing her talk about vampires with Giles, he believes she is completely insane, but when she tells him Willow is in a danger, he agrees to follow her on a hunt and soon finds out the truth about the town he lives in.

Xander doesn’t exactly have a happy home life. His parents constantly fight and show him little to no consideration. This probably explains why Xanderdoesn’t think much of himself, referring to himself as the King of Cretins and hiding his insecurities by being mister funny guy.

His love life is also pretty catastrophic. Oblivious (or at least pretending to be) to Willow’s feelings for him, Xander spends most of him time pining for Buffy. He also has a crush on a beautiful substitute teacher, who turns out to be a giant praying-mantis. He later falls for an exchange student who is in fact a life-sucking incan mummy, and finally ends up dating Cordelia. But when Willow falls for Oz, Xander finally sees her and they kiss – leading Cordelia to break up with him. Xander then has a rough run-in with Faith one night and they end up having sex.

After High School, Xander does not attend university with Buffy, Willow & Oz, and winds up living in his parent’s basement – having to pay a rent. Taking on a series of odd-jobs, he starts seeing Anya and soon realises he loves her. Xander ends up landing a steady job as a construction worker and moves into a nice appartment with Anya. As the fight against Glory approaches, Xander confesses his love to Anya and proposes to her.

As season six kicks in, Xander and the gang bring Buffy back. He is also doing very well at work, where he is now a supervisor, and seems more confident, but as his wedding with Anya approaches, he starts to get cold feet. When a demon from Anya’s past reappears and tricks him into believing his future with Anya is doomed, he abandons Anya at the alter.

Things start to get very messy when Xander sees Anya and Spike having sex and finds out that Buffy also had an affair with the vampire. But he pulls through and when Tara dies and Willow goes off the deep end, he is the one able to reason her. He refuses to give up on his friend and saves the world.

Despite calling-off the wedding, Xander is still very much in love with Anya, but when he tries to move on, he lives up to his reputation as a ‘demon-magnet’ by flirting with a woman chased by a giant worm and later going out on a date with a demon who planned to sacrifice him to the Hellmouth.

As the gang fight The First and its followers, Caleb pokes out Xander’s eye. He is soon back on his feet, sporting an eye-patch. As the final battle approaches, Xander and Anya reaslise they are still in love with each other and get back together but not for long, as Anya is killed by one of the Bringers.

Being the only member of the gnag not to have any real powers, Xander often doubts his purpose, yet, though he does not realise it, he does indeed play his part – and he’s always prepared to give out a round of punches when he can.
He is often referred to as the heart of the gang due to his loyalty and support, and is indeed the heart of uber-buffy the gang conjured to defeat Adam.

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