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Buffy pushes everyone away, still angry and scared after the whole “being dead” thing in Prophecy Girl, but when the Annointed One’s minions kidnap Giles, Jenny, Cordelia, and Willow in an effort to resurrect the Master, Buffy finds closure in sledgehammer therapy.
Some guys creating an ideal “Bride of Frankenstein” out of the recently deceased decide they want to use Cordelia’s head for the project. There’s kidnapping, attempted murder, desecration of corpses, an heroic Xander, and Giles and Jenny’s first date.
Snyder puts Buffy in charge of preparations for Parent/Teacher night, and the Annointed One has plans for the Feast of St. Vigeous (a big ol’ vampire hoedown). But the arrival of Spike and Drusilla throws a wrench into everybody’s plans. Mayhem ensues, after which Spike gives the Annointed One a fatal sunburn.
Xander falls hard for an exchange student, who is gorgeous, fun-loving, and crazy about him. Unfortunately, she’s also an ancient mummy who has to suck the life out of others to stay alive.
Frustrated by enigmatic Angel and the never-ending duties of Slayerhood, Buffy accepts an invitation to a frat party where she and Cordelia wind up chained to a wall as offerings to the fraternity’s patron demon. Also, Xander wears a bra.
On Halloween, everyone “becomes” the costumes they got from a new place called Ethan’s. Giles and Ethan have themselves a little talk while Private Harris, Ghost Willow, and a powerless Buffy run away from Spike.
A friend of Buffy’s from Los Angeles reveals that he knows she’s the Slayer. What he doesn’t reveal, until it’s too late, is that he has a terminal brain tumor and has agreed to give Buffy to Spike in return for “immortal life” as a vampire.
Giles is literally haunted by his past. A demon called Eyghon is killing off all who bear its mark, and only Giles and Ethan remain. After Jenny is possessed by the demon, she is badly shaken by the experience and breaks up with Giles.
Frustrated by a school job fair that advertises what she will likely never have, Buffy enjoys an evening of ice skating with Angel. Spike calls in a gang of assassins to take out the Slayer and keep her from interfering with his plans to heal Drusilla, and a mysterious young woman who saw Buffy and Angel kissing attacks Buffy, identifying herself as Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.
After verifying that Kendra was “Called” after Buffy’s brief death, the two Slayers fend off an attack at the job fair, at which Oz takes a bullet in the arm for Willow. Trapped by an assassin in Buffy’s basement, Xander and Cordelia’s bickering leads to a passionate liplock. The gang comes together to save Angel from Spike, but the ritual has restored Drusilla’s strength.
Buffy is suspicious of Joyce’s new “too good to be true” boyfriend. When he turns violent towards Buffy, she defends herself, accidentally killing Ted in the process, but he gets better. Evil robots are like that. The gang discovers his secret, and Buffy deactivates him with a frying pan to the head. In other, happier news, Jenny and Giles reconcile, and the gang finds them kissing in the library.
Lyle and Tector Gorch, a pair of cowboy vampire brothers, have come to town, and Buffy’s class has been assigned eggs to care for like their babies. Buffy is more interested in Angel than either of these projects, but when the eggs start hatching and possessing everyone, Xander helps Buffy tackle both problems at once.
Drusilla is assembling herself a demon with the ability to burn humanity to a cinder. Willow invites Oz to be her date to Buffy’s birthday party, and Jenny gets a visit from her uncle, who reveals that she/they are of the same gypsy clan that cursed Angelus with his soul. After they’re attacked, Buffy and Angel hide out at his place, where they make love, and Angel runs screaming into the night.
Angel’s soul is gone; he is Angelus again. Willow is devastated to discover that Xander is with Cordelia now, and the night gets worse when Angelus visits the school to send Buffy a message. Jenny confirms Buffy’s fears of how Angel lost his soul, and Buffy turns her back on the woman, prompting Giles to reluctantly do the same. Buffy blows up The Judge with a rocket launcher (procured by “Private Harris”) but can’t bring herself to stake Angelus yet. It’s not a happy birthday for Buffy.
A series of attacks seems to point to resident jerk-jock Larry as the culprit, but a bite from a young cousin has turned Oz into the werewolf in question. Despite interference from a wolf-hunter named Cain, Willow, Buffy, and Giles manage to tranq Oz until he sleeps off the full moon, and Willow shocks Oz by declaring that she still wants to date him, wolf and all.
Cordelia caves in to peer pressure and dumps Xander on Valentine’s Day. Jilted and angry, he ropes Amy into casting a love spell that will let him be the one to crush Cordy’s feelings instead. The spell goes awry, as spells inevitably do, causing every woman in Sunnydale *but* Cordy to fall hopelessly in love with him. The spell didn’t work because, surprise surprise, Cordelia was already in love with Xander, and she tells the Cordettes to take a flying leap.
Angelus steps up his reign of terror and torment. Giles and Jenny reconcile again and plan to meet later. Jenny has found a way to restore Angel’s soul, but before she can share the news, Angelus viciously snaps her neck. Despondent, Giles confronts Angelus in a suicide attack and sets the vampires’ warehouse on fire, but Buffy intervenes, dragging Giles from the burning building to tell him that she “can’t do this” without him.
A bad fever lands Buffy in hospital, where the children’s ward is under seige by a demon who sucks the life from his victims. The adults are skeptical, but Buffy remembers her young cousin suffering a similar attack and believes them, forcing herself to fight through her own raging fever to fight and kill the demon.
I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU. Still trying to deal with her own feelings of guilt over the reason Angel turned, Buffy confronts the ghost of a student who, decades earlier, accidentally shot and killed the teacher/lover who spurned him.
When members of the swim team go missing, Xander goes undercover and into a pair of Speedos, and he learns that the coach has been dosing the swimmers with fish DNA. The missing swimmers have actually become monsters, who kill the coach before heading out to sea.
Angelus intends to awaken a stone demon which will suck the world into hell, but he can’t figure out the ritual. Meanwhile, Willow has found – and insists she can perform – Jenny’s translated curse to resoul Angel. Kendra returns to Sunnydale and stays with the gang as Buffy falls into a trap that Angelus has set. But the trap isn’t for Buffy – it’s to get her out of the way. While he delays her, Dru and her minions attack the library, killing Kendra and dragging Giles away with them.
Police take Buffy into custody, suspecting her of Kendra’s murder, but she gets away. Angelus tortures Giles for the secret of the ritual, but he stands strong until Dru appears to him as Jenny to trick the secret from him. Willow decides to try the curse again, just as Buffy goes to fight Angelus. Xander gets Giles to safety, Spike and Dru leave town, and the curse succeeds, bringing Angel back to himself. Tragically, he has already opened the portal, which only his blood will close again, and Buffy has to send him to hell to save the world.