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Part of local band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, Oz had his eye on Willow for a while although he never got the courage to talk to her. During the Carrer fair, Willow and him are picked out for their exceptional exam results, which gives him his first chance to talk to her. Later he proves his affection for her by getting shot while protecting her. The two start hanging out together, but Oz won’t move too fast, knowing Willow still has a thing for Xander.
Invited to Buffy’s birthday party, he finds out the truth about vampire, yet doesn’t seem put off in the slightest. he later discovers that he is a werewolf, but it doesn’t put a strain on his relationship with Willow until he meets Veruca, a female wereworlf. His instincts take over and realising he can’t fully control the beast in him, he leaves Sunndyale.