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David Boreanaz’s catapult to stardom came one fateful day during a walk in the park. Spotted with his dog Bertha Blue by a talent manager, David was immediately signed to an agency. After three auditions, he landed the role of “Angel,” a dark, sensitive and tortured vampire with a soul.

Born in Buffalo and raised in Philadelphia, David was exposed to the television business at an early age — his father is a weather forecaster for WPVI, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia. Young David even appeared from time to time on his dad’s show “Rocketship 7″— which the senior Boreanaz hosted from 1962 to 1978. But it wasn’t until DB saw a performance of “The King and I” starring Yul Brenner, that he realized that acting was in his blood (so to speak).

Graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in film, David moved to Los Angeles to embark on his acting career. In the early years, David lived the life of a typical struggling Hollywood actor, working odd jobs and scoring small roles. He parked cars, painted houses and even sold gourmet food door-to-door.

His first big break came when he was cast in “Married…With Children” as Kelly Bundy’s (Christina Applegate) leather-clad biker beau. The fateful walk in the park followed along shortly and Boreanaz never looked back.

On stage, David has performed at the Ensemble Theatre in “Hatful of Rain” at the Gardner Stage, in “Italian American Reconciliation” and “Fool For Love,” and on Theatre Row in “Cowboy Mouth.” An avid admirer of New York, he hopes to act on Broadway in the future.

But for the present, he’ll have to settle for starring in feature flicks like “Valentine.” He can also be seen in “I’m With Lucy,” co-starring Monica Potter and Anthony LaPaglia.

When not lurking on the set of ANGEL David plays golf every time he gets the chance. Like his vampire persona, he is a creature of the night. David married actress Jamie Bergman (“Son of the Beach”) in November, 2001 and they had a son, Jayden Rayne, in May of 2002. He still resides in Los Angeles with his trusty dog Bertha Blue.