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Born in 1981, Buffy Anne Summers was raised in L.A. As a child, Buffy would pretend she was a superhero, The Power Girl, which turned out to be rather prophetic.
In 1995, Buffy started attending Hemery High in L.A., where she hung out with the popular kids, becoming a cheerleader and even being elected Queen of the class. She was soon found by a Watcher named Merrick, who informed her of her destiny. Buffy was the Chosen One, the vampire Slayer, the one girl in the world who has the power to fight the evil underworld.
Buffy is rather amazed but follows Merrick to a cemetery that night where she encounters and slays (with some difficulty) her first vampire. Buffy is shocked to discover she has such power but takes on her mission nonetheless. At the same time things are going badly between her parents, Hank & Joyce.
Things get worse for Buffy when Merrick is killed and she must face the vampires alone. She ends up setting fire to her school gymnasium to kill them all, resulting in her being kicked out of school. Hank and Joyce finalised their divorce and Buffy and her mum moved to Sunnydale, California – where Joyce found the only school willing to take Buffy.

Buffy plans to start over again in Sunnydale, no more fighting, no more slaying, no more vampires. But her calling soon catches up with her, in the person of Rupert Giles, the school librarian and also her new Watcher. Buffy at first denies who she really is, but when a corpse is found on campus, she reluctantly takes up her duties again.
Buffy’s secret identity does not remain secret for very long when Xander, one of her classmates, overhears her talking with Giles. At first thinking they’re completely insane, he soon changes his mind when Buffy dusts a vampire in under his eyes. His best friends Willow and Jesse soon find out too, when they are kidnapped by two vampires, Thomas and Darla, minions of the first season Big Bad: The Master.
Xander and Willow soon join up with Buffy to help her fight evil, becoming her Slayerettes or Scooby Gang. Buffy also encounters a mysterious handsome man named Angel who keeps popping up with cryptic messages and warnings.

I kill vampires. That’s my job. Now settled into her life in Sunnydale, with her new friends and a new love interest, Buffy works on developing her Slayer powers with Giles while trying to lead a normal life. Things get a little complicated when she finds out that Angel is in fact a vampire, but a good one with a soul. When looking into the history of the Slayer, Giles finds a prophecy that foresees Buffy’s death, by the hands of the Master. Upon hearing this, Buffy freaks out and decides to run. But she quickly comes back to her senses and understands that it’s her destiny. She confronts the Master, not knowing that it is her blood that gives him the strength to break free and walk the Earth once more. He bites her, draining her blood, and leaves her to drown in a pool of blood. The prophecy is fulfilled, the Slayer is dead. But Xander and Angel soon arrive and Xander is able to revive Buffy with CPR. Back, and stronger than ever, Buffy faces the Master once more and defeats him.

Having yet to come to terms with her death, and believing she is somewhat better than everyone else after coming back from the dead, Buffy somewhat looses it and almost gets all her friends killed. But they still remain loyal to her and she soon gets back on track as new villains – Spike and Drusilla – show up in town. These two wild vampires, somehow related to Angel’s past intend on making Sunnydale their very own personal playground. This doesn’t go to well, Buffy squarely kicking Spike’s arse on a regular basis, him even winding up in a wheelchair, but the tables turn when Angel and Buffy get closer and end up making love. Angel’s soul no longer tortures him and he reverts to his old evil self (generally referred to as Angelus). Not only is it now three on one, but Buffy must also accept that the one man she loved is no more. Once again, Buffy does what she has to do and sends Angelus to Hell.

Accused of murder, on non-speaking terms with her mother and completely distraught by what she had to do, Buffy runs of to L.A. where she works in a diner and goes by her middle name Anne. But even there her calling catches up with her and after ridding L.A. of a couple of demons she realises it’s time for her to return home.
But things aren’t quite that easy. Life has gone on with out her, the Gang fills in her Slayer duties and things between Joyce and Buffy are extremely awkward. Tension grows and everyone soon ends up shouting at each other, until the house is crashed by some deadly zombies. Everyone puts their differences aside to fight them off.
Things start to sort themselves out and Buffy is readmitted into school when Faith, a new Slayer arrives in town. Buffy isn’t overjoyed by this as Faith is getting the spotlight and slowly seems to be taking over everything that is Buffy’s.

Buffy finally manages to get over her killing Angel when he unexplainably returns from Hell, ensouled and clearly insane. Given all the harm he did, Buffy keeps this a secret and helps him get his health and sanity back. Still desperate for a normal life, Buffy runs against Cordelia for Homecoming Queen, with rather disastrous consequences.
The truth about Angel’s return soon comes to surface and things are once more tensed between Buffy and her friends. While Buffy assures that he is good again and that they are ‘just friends’ Spike returns to Sunnydale – wreaking his usual havoc – and points out that things will never change between them and that they are only heading for pain.

When her 18th birthday approaches, Buffy has another chance to be a ‘normal’ girl when she looses her powers. But she soon finds out that it is a test the Council is putting her through to find out how a good a Slayer she actually is. Giles opposes them and tells Buffy exactly what’s expecting her, resulting in him being fired form the Council. But Buffy proves herself, taking down a demented vampire without any Slayer abilities at all.
Now flanked with a stuffed newbie Watcher and a wild Slayer, Buffy finally figures that her life will never be normal. Needing a ‘break’ Buffy follows Faith’s life motto: Want. Take. Have and the two Slayers go on a whirlwind of fun, slaying and theft that brutally ends when Faith accidentally kills a human. Buffy is tormented but Faith doesn’t seem to care. When the murder investigation cuts in closed around them, Faith remorselessly tries to frame Buffy for the murder.
Faith is caught in a downward spiral and soon ends up turning on Buffy and joining forces with the Mayor, who plans to turn himself into a pure demon and erase Sunnydale from the map.
When a student plans to kill all his classmates on prom night, Buffy once more forgets about her ‘normal’ life and saves the day. She is surprised when the class acknowledges all that she has done for them and give her the ‘Class Protector Award’

As the end of High School approaches and Faith poisons Angel, Buffy must make several choices. Concerning the Council first. Upon their refusal to help, she refuses to work for them any longer. The gang finds out that the only cure in the blood of the Slayer. Without a second thought, Buffy decides to cross the line she has always respected so far: killing a human being, and goes after Faith. For the first time, both Slayers fight to death, and Buffy seriously injures Faith, but she manages to get away, leaving Buffy with only one solution to save Angel; her own blood. Close to death, Buffy soon recovers, stronger than ever, and embraces her natural leadership, organising a real war against the Mayor, lining up all her classmates. The battle over and the High School completely blown up, Angel leaves Sunnydale, allowing Buffy to move on.
Fire Bad. Tree Pretty.
Now a college student, Buffy finds herself completely lost. She is no longer special and sees everyone finding their way and moving on. She is severely beaten up by some random vampire and is feeling really down when good old Xander shows up to cheer her. She faces the vampire once again and pretty much kicks its arse, coming to the realisation that she’ll always have her place, she’s the Slayer.
Buffy soon gets into college life, the classes, the room-mates, the parties & the one-night stand jerks, but one thing she does not expect is the underground governmental demon hunting facility, the Initiative. Buffy also starts dating a ‘Joe-Regular’, Riley, or so she thinks. Riley is in fact a ranking Initiative officer. When Buffy gets to close, Riley’s commander, Maggie Walsh – who also happens to be Buffy Psychology teacher, tries to get her killed, which fails. But before Buffy can confront her about it, Walsh is killed by one of her demonoid experiments, Adam.
When Buffy must face the consequences of Walsh’s meddling with nature, Faith awakens from her coma, ready for revenge. Using some magical device, Faith manages to switch bodies with Buffy, and whilst Buffy is hunted down by the Council, Faith is making time with Riley and planning her escape route. Willow and her friend Tara manage to switch the Slayers back into their rightful bodies and Faith escapes. Once again, Faith has made Buffy question herself.
Riley must soon make a choice and moves away from the Initiative. This brings Buffy closer to him and she confides more in him, leading his jealousy of Angel to rise. When Angel shows up in Sunnydale, Buffy must deal with the two men fighting and makes things clear. Yes she loves Angel, but he is the past. Riley is her future.

Pushed by Adam, Spike plays on the already existent tensions and insecurities between Buffy, Willow, Xander & Giles, leading them all to argue and fall apart. But Buffy soon realises what Spike did and knows how much she needs her friends in her fight against evil. As Adam orchestrates a war in the Initiative, the gang marches in and unites – literally – and take him apart. But to do so, they called on powerful ancient powers and soon have to face the consequences. They are haunted in dreams by the spirit of the First Slayer. She confronts them with their past and their insecurities and also provides insight on what’s to come and how the Slayer must come to terms with the true nature of her power.

Buffy’s life seems to be going pretty smooth when Dracula himself shows up in Sunnydale. The fascination between the Dark Prince and the Slayer is mutual and Dracula plans on making Buffy on of his own, pushing her to explore her dark side. Buffy manages to throw off Dracula’s thrall and squarely beats him, although it’s unclear whether she actually kills him. However his is never to be seen in Sunnydale again.
Out of the blue, Buffy has a sister Dawn, but everyone seems to find this perfectly normal and clearly remember her always being there. Buffy is the only one who – while believing she has a sister – feels something is not quite right. At first thinking Dawn is something evil, that is hurting her mother, Buffy finds out that Dawn is in fact the ‘Key’ a powerful source of energy used to open dimensional portals. A powerful Beast trapped in Buffy’s dimension is hunting the Key, hoping to find it’s way to it’s home dimension. The Brethren in charge of the protection devised a plan to hide it, making it human and placing it close to the Slayer so that she would protect it.

Buffy also starts to question her calling and her power, looking deeper into the origins of the Slayer. She confronts Spike about the two Slayer he killed and he tells her that a Slayer is death and wants to die. Later, Buffy and Giles go off to the desert where Buffy encounters the spirit of the First Slayer once more, revealing that death is Buffy’s gift.
Buffy’s life gets complicated once again when the Beast, a.k.a. Glory figures out that Buffy is hiding the key and Joyce becomes mysteriously ill. With her mum spending more and more time in hospital, Buffy must deal with paperwork and bills, not to mention her sister’s teenage crisis and keep up with her Slayer duties. To make things worse Riley is feeling neglected and unneeded by his superhero girlfriends and ends up walking out on her – well technically flies off in a helicopter… and Spike reveals that he loves her. Joining in on the fun, the Council shows up and puts Buffy through a series of tests. Buffy realises that she has the power and makes a stand, telling the Council to get lost if they’re not going to help her.

Joyce is diagnosed with a brain tumour, but after being operated on she is apparently cured, but barely days after, Buffy finds her lifeless on the couch. Completely abandoned by her father, Dawn is all she has left. Glory soon finds out that Dawn is the Key, and knowing she cannot defeat her, Buffy and the gang run. But Glory finds them and takes Dawn. In shock, Buffy falls into a catatonic state, knowing that Glory has one. Willow manages to snap Buffy out of it by reminding her that all is not lost and that she can still save Dawn.
The gang finds Glory and they all start to fight, but before Buffy can make it to Dawn, her blood has already been shed and all dimensional portals are opening, hell taking over the world. Dawn is resolved to die to close the portal, but Buffy stops her. She remembers that the Brethren made Dawn human from her blood and figures that she can close the portal. Before Dawn can stop her, Buffy throws herself in the portal, closing it and killing herself.

The gang chooses to keep Buffy’s death secret, using Spike’s old Buffybot to patrol and fill in as Dawn’s guardian. As Giles prepares to return to England, Willow prepares to bring Buffy back to life, with the help of Tara, Xander and Anya. But when the news that Sunnydale is Slayer-less spreads and gang of biker demons shows up and tears the place apart. The gang is performing the ritual when the bikers interrupt them. Believing the ritual has failed, the gang flees for their lives, leaving an newly revived Buffy in her grave.
A disorientated Buffy fights her way back to the surface and must get back into fighting mode straight away. Realising she’s back in Sunnydale, she tries to kill herself but is stopped by Dawn. Somewhat back to her normal self, she remains cold and distant with her friends, yet still as powerful as ever. She finds it difficult being around her friends and is only able to confide in the one person that understands what coming back to life is like: Spike. She reveals that she was not in Hell as her friends thought she was; she was in heaven and she was happy. And being there in Sunnydale, with her friends feels like Hell.

Back in the real world, Buffy finds out that she has growing money problems and must find a job. That doesn’t go too well as her new arch-nemesis-es, the Trio, play with her. Giles ends up sorting things out for her. Xander, wanting to make everyone happier, summons a musical demon. But things go awry when everyone in Sunnydale starts spilling their feelings in a song. Buffy admits that she feels empty and Spike confronts her about the tension between them. As the gang teams up to get rid of the demon, Buffy breaks into a song and reveals that her friends ripped her away from heaven. Ditching the finale, Buffy goes after Spike and telling her she wants to feel, she kisses him. Pushing her need to feel enve further, Buffy ends up in an unhealthy secret relationship with Spike, involving a lot of sex, handcuffs and bringing down buildings. When the Trio mistankenly hits Buffy with an invisibility ray, the Slayer makes the most of this new freedom, but when Willow reveals that it will end up killing her, she realises just how much she wants to live.

After Buffy gets herself a job at the local burger place, the Doublemeat Palace, Riley comes back to town on a mission and reveals that Spike is involved in some demonic black market and Buffy realises that he will always be evil and that she is just using him. When battling a demon, it stabs Buffy in the arm and she suddenly finds herself in a mental instution. The doctor explains that Sunnydale, her calling and everything we know is a figment of her imagination. A confused Buffy almost gets her friends killed but snaps back to herself and saves them. Spike has trouble accepting the break-up and goes all stalkerish on Buffy, revealing to Xander that they slept together and even trying to force himself on Buffy.
Warren is getting more and more aggrated that Buffy thwarts his every plan and when she lands Andrew and Jonathan in jail, he shoots her. As Buffy collapses, Tara is also hit and dies in front of Willow’s eyes. When Willow goes off the deep end, Buffy finds herself unable to fight back. Willow traps Dawn and Buffy in a grave and lets zombies loose on them while she prepares to destroy the world.
The two sisters have a heartfelt face to face and Buffy tells Dawn how much she wants to live. As they fight side by side, Buffy realises how much her little sister has grown up and promises to teach her some slayer tricks. But she must also prepare her for High School, which according to Buffy is even scarier than Slaying. Buffy is uneasy that the new High School is opening right over the old hugh school (that happened to be right over the Hellmouth!) and decides to take the tour. She also meets the new principal – who apparently knows all about her – and offers her a job as the new student counselor, as the new big evil starts brewing beneath her.

Buffy soon finds herself not only training Dawn, but also a bunch of potential Slayer. The new Big Bad, a.k.a. The First is working ondestroying the lineage of the Slayer, starting by the powerless girls that could potentially become the next Slayer. When the Council is turned to ashes, Giles turns up with several girls and leaves them with Buffy as he searches for others. Buffy must embrace her role as a leader – even though it doesn’t always go down very well with the Potentials. Things get worse when they get a glimpse at what they’re up against and Buffy realises this is her toughest battle yet and they won’t all survive. Buffy takes another step into finding out the true nature of the Slayer and is shocked when she finds out that she is a creature of the darkness. She also catches a glimpse of what’s to come, and she doesn’t like it. Things get even more tricky with the Potentials when Faith turns up. As Buffy leads the girls into a trap and gets several of them killed, the gang freaks out and question Buffy’s leadership and eventually tell her to go. Abandonned by her friends, Buffy finds only one support in Spike. As Buffy is ready to abandon, he tries to get her back in the game, telling her that Caleb has something of hers and that she can win this fight. Things are going to well for the rest of the gang and Faith leads the girls into another trap, to be saved by Buffy.

Buffy is now once more the leader. On the eve of the final battle, the First pays her a visit. Trying to crush her, it actually helps her devise a plan to defeat it. The whole gang enters Sunnydale High and prepares for battle. Slayers & Potential go down into the Hellmouth as Willow releases the power of the Slayer, making every Potential a Slayer. During the battle she is beaten down, but she gets up and fights back. She and many of the girls make it away just as the entire town is destroyed. She is no longer alone.

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